CALL TO ACTION on US/UNHCR Refugee Program


Nazarenes United for Peace stands with World Relief and other resettlement organizations and condemns the proposed discontinuation of the US/UNHCR refugee program which will abandon persecuted Christians and other refugees worldwide. It would be an affront to the Christian call to show care and hospitality to refugees and is an attack on Christian values. Caring for them is our moral and biblical duty.

The UNHCR refugee program is a highly vetted program and ensures that all people entering are truly in need of refuge. Of the 25 million or so refugees in the world, the US has historically only taken in fewer than 100k nationwide (much lower in recent years) per year, and this move would effectively reduce that number to zero.

We call on Nazarenes everywhere in the US to call your legislators and insist that, as people of faith, you strongly support the continuation of this program with a minimum of 100,000 people per year.

Calls to legislators are MUCH more effective than emails, so we encourage you to call. If you need help finding them, use this tool.


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